COR Safety Solutions

Making Safety and Safety Audits Easy!

COR Safety Solutions makes passing COR, MECOR, and SECOR safety audits easy. We provide small and medium-sized companies with all the safety requirements necessary to work Canada's oil patch with none of the hassles that are a natural part of complex compliance systems.

We provide a bridge connecting large oil field production companies and the small and medium contractors who work for them. On one side, we audit companies large and small and on the other we coach and guide contractors through the COR, MECOR and SECOR,and ISNetworld® submission process.

Cor Solutions

COR Safety Solutions will supply certified auditors to audit your company in order to obtain your COR certification. A health and safety audit is a comprehensive review of a company's health and safety system. It covers the basic elements of a health and safety system using personal interviews, a review of documentation and observing operations at the work place. To acquire a COR, you must receive and 80 per cent overall mark with no marks below 50 per cent in any one element of the system.

COR Safety Solutions evaluates your safety program, implements solutions and prepares your company for auditing.

COR Safety Solutions' specialized services include:

The cost of COR Safety Solutions' services can be customized to you and your company's unique circumstances.


COR/SECOR Safety Manuals:

Possibly the most challenging project for small and medium-sized contractors just starting out in business is compiling a safety manual to meet ENFORM requirements for a COR, MECOR and SECOR.

COR Safety Solutions can assist you in creating and implementing a Health and Safety Manual. If you have already compiled your own quality system manual, COR safety manual, SECOR safety manual or other safety or quality systems manual, we can review your documentation prior to your submitting it for certification and provide advise on how it may be improved to assure acceptance.

We can prepare, or help you to prepare, a Health and Safety Manual to meet submission requirements for the following:

All manuals prepared by COR Safety Solutions will be customized to your specific needs and desires. Our programs follow a 20 section format:

Additional sections can be added.

COR Safety Solutions provides Safety Forms binders, which contain all the forms and paper work required to stay in compliance with the program — safety meetings, hazard assessments, inspections, etc.


External/Internal Audits

Audits by a certified auditor are required yearly to qualify for and maintain a Certificate of Recognition (COR). COR Safety Solutions can assist your company through each required step ensuring your preparation for each annual internal audit and each external audit, required every three years.

Cor Safety Solution Auditors

Limited Scope and System-wide Post Event Audits

These audits are required when a significant event occurs resulting in injury, property damage and loss of production.

We have certified auditors on our team of safety specialists that can audit your program or assess your readiness for an audit.

Audits are generally carried out by an external auditor to ensure objectivity.

A Limited Scope Audit is generally carried out on one or more workplaces or operational areas:

A System-Wide Audit evaluating all operational areas may be required:

ISNetworld® RAVS® Development and MSQ Assistance

COR Safety Solutions uploads customized RAVS® requirements directly to your account. You are required to do very little work. Here is what you get:

ComplyWorks Ltd.

ComplyWorks Ltd. provides relevant compliance with active monitoring solutions in a variety of global industries. These include oil and gas, transportation, construction and forestry.

We focus on three levels of business – the employer, the contractor and the worker. We provide each level with the tools needed to set, manage, monitor, and communicate their compliance in every aspect of their business.

Filling out ComplyWorks questionnaires can be intimidating and time consuming. We will assist you in submitting this information and guide you through the online submission process.

Please call us to discuss the very reasonable cost of Comply Works Compliance and Comply Works Account Management.

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